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Enterprise Resilience Standards & Measure
For A Stronger and more Resilient Singapore

Business Continuity Management Conference 2016: Ensuring Enterprise Resilience in Unpredictable Times

A business-friendly self-assessment tool
BCM Diagnostic Tool

Business Continuity Plan presentation at yearly dialogue by National Environment Agency and WMRAS
A Stronger and more Resilient Singapore

Verifiable Business Continuity Plan Initiative Marketing Brochure
What is the Verifiable Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Initiative? [Will cease after 31 March 2017]

Verifiable BCP Project Report and Verification Report Templates
Please click here to download the Report Templates for Verifiable Business Continuity Plan Initiative.

Understanding the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
Customer trust and confidence is key to business success

SCAL Construction Safety Health & Security Seminar 2016
Ensuring Your Stakeholders' Safety and Your Business Sustainability with Business Continuity Management

AVA Joint Business Cluster Sharing Session
Business Continuity Plan for Singapore Food Sector

WSH Conference 2016, Symposium 3: Business Sustainability: WSH & Crisis Management
Sustaining and Strengthening Singapore Businesses with WSH Framework

B-PREP Launch Event
Temasek Foundation Cares, together with Changi General Hospital and the Singapore Business Federation, has launched Singapore’s first psychological resilience programme for businesses. Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Law, was the Guest-of-Honour at the launch event. The Stay Prepared – Business Psychological Resilience Programme (“B-PREP”) aims to establish a model and praxis for psychological resilience, which companies in Singapore can adopt to help manage the psychological and emotional impact of emergencies, threats and crises. Please click here for the press release and speeches by Minister, Temasek Holdings and SBF.

BCM Annual 2016
For a Stronger, and More Resilient Singapore

You will be surprised how valuable your information assets are in the eyes of hackers. Don’t sit and wait for cyber-attacks to happen, raise your business resilience today.

2016 Survive Cybersecurity Lapses checklist
Companies’ simple self-check on level of readiness against cybersecurity lapses at NSC 2016.

SGSecure: Protect Our Workplaces
Play your part for business resilience

Survey of Corporate Credit Risk Management in Asia Pacific Region (2016)
It will take you around 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire, and your views will be very important for 2016 survey findings. Please click the following link to participate

Resumption & Recovery: Things to note when Companies draft Business Continuity Plans
Terror-attacks serve to undermine societies’ ability to cope under crises. As these intended acts are planned to create indiscriminate destruction, organisations and personnel may be crippled to respond effectively. Being prepared to respond appropriately is a key driver to ensure societal security. As the Business Continuity Management focal point, the Singapore Business Federation would like to share key considerations for companies ensure quick resumption and systematic recovery during terrorism-related disruptions.

Raising Business Resilience at SBF’s  National Security Conference
Some of the past event themes


BCM Annual 2013
Evolving Business Excellence: The Resilience Journey

Business Continuity Management Conference 2013: Optimsing between Business Opportunities and Risks

Good Practices and Case Studies
Business and Disaster Risk Reduction

Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Technology Risk Management Guidelines:
Please refer to Technology Risk Management Guidelines, Jun 2013 for risk management principles and best practices standards for financial institutions and their outsourced partners

National Security Dialogue 2013: "Securing Your Business Health - with Pandemic Preparedness"

Case Study: B K Civil & Construction Pte Ltd
Happy Staff Makes A Happy Customer

BCM Annual 2012
Business Resilience: Our Differentiating Factor

Case Study: Cathay Organisation Pte Ltd
Business Continuity Is Key To Total Customer Service

Case Study: Chew's Group
Hatching An Effective Pandemic Plan

Case Study: IP Mirror Pte Ltd
Surfing Through Crises

Case Study: Savant Degrees Pte Ltd
Wise Beyond Years

Case Study: Starlite Printers (Far East) Pte Ltd
BCM: A Mark Of Service Excellence

Case Study: Unique Gas Solution Pte Ltd
No Downtime

National Security Conference 2012: “Securing Your Business in the Cyber Future” 
Welcome Remarks by Mr Tony Chew, Chairman of Singapore Business Federation

Business Continuity Management Conference 2011: Is your Organasation Resilient Enough?

Case Study: 01 Computer System Pte Ltd
Customers Are Number 1

Case Study: 9G Elevator Pte Ltd
Elevator and Escalator Industry

Case Study: Arts Kidz Pre-School Pte Ltd
Bring Enrichment Into The Classroom

Case Study: Avon Technologies Pte Ltd
Resilience Planning, Winning Strategy for SMEs

Case Study: ST Kinetics
Readies Itself For Resilience

Case Study: Boncafe International Pte Ltd
"Wake Up" & Smell The Coffee

Case Study: Clean Solutions Pte Ltd
The Journey To SS 540 Certification

Case Study: DTS Marketing Pte Ltd
DTS Marketing Pte Ltd

Case Study: Eazi Printing Pte Ltd
Printing In Business Continuity

Case Study: Elmich Pte Ltd
Singapore's Leader In Green Urban Solutions

Case Study: G-Energy Global Pte Ltd
Building A Green And Sustainable Future Together

Case Study: Hiap Chuan Hardware Pte Ltd
Steel Foundations

Case Study: Innovax Systems Pte Ltd
Any Small Possibility Is A Risk

Case Study: Jason Electronics Pte Ltd
Each Port's A Milestone, But Sailing's The Journey

Case Study: Mun Siong Engineering Ltd
Nothing Is Impossible

SPRING Singapore's New SME Definition and Incentives Criteria

Case Study: Pin Si Kitchen Pte Ltd
The Winning Menu

Case Study: Pro-Matrix Pte Ltd
Experience vs Qualifications

BCM Annual 2011
Securing Your Business Competitive Advantage

Case Study: Sinanju Tankers Pte Ltd
Sinanju Tankers Pte Ltd.pdf

Case Study: Singex Venues Pte Ltd
MICE Resilience and Reliability

Case Study: Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd
Competitive Leadership Through Value Chain Resiliency

National Security Dialogue 2011: "Securing Your Business Competitive Advantage with Business Continuity Management"
Opening Address by Mr Teo Chee Hean, Deputy Prime Minister, Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Home Affairs, at the Orchard Hotel

Case Study: Aik Moh Paints & Chemicals Pte Ltd
15% Rapid Growth

Case Study: Global Marine Transportation Pte Ltd
Bunkering Continuity (Management)

Case Study: IPS Securex Pte Ltd
"Don't do BCM!... If you're my competitor."

Case Study: Just R Transport Enterprise
Fuel Costs Slashed By Nearly 80%!

Safeguard Your Business
Through Fostering A Harmonious Cohesive and Resilient Workplace

National Security Dialogue 2010: "Fortifying Your Business Networks"
Opening Address by Prof S Jayakumar, Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security, at the Orchard Hotel

Working Towards Business Continuity
Sample template

Preparing For A Human Influenza Pandemic In Singapore
Be Prepared For An Influenza Pandemic

Business Continuity Management Digest
1st Issue: Introduction to BCM and Preparing for H1N1

Ministry Of Health Factsheet
Local Influenza Situation

Business Continuity Management Conference 2009: Launch of the Flu Pandemic Business Continuity Programme

Flu Pandemic Business Continuity Guide
Guidance for Verifiers

National Security Dialogue 2009 : "Making National Security Your Business"
Opening Address by Prof S Jayakumar, Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security, at the Orchard Hotel