CSA's Advisory on Ransomware

15 May 2017

On 12 May 2017, there was a global wide-spread infections of a ransomware known as "WannaCry" aka. WanaCrypt0r. This ransomware has the capability to spread over the network by scanning for vulnerable systems, and infecting them. It then encrypts files on the system, and exhorts a ransom payment.

Please click on the following link below for the advisory from the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, or contact if you want to find out more about cybersecurity measures. 

Cyber security – a growing concern for Singapore SMEs

22 November 2016

As the vulnerability of companies to cyber security breaches continues to rise, the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) has partnered with Beazley – a global specialist insurer - to understand how Singapore SMEs are dealing with this growing risk, along with the role that cyber insurance can play.

SPRING Grant Portal Data Migration (Q3 2016 onwards)

03 August 2016

From Q3 2016 onwards, SPRING Singapore will require all companies to apply for grant support and submit claims for the following via the SPRING Grant Portal:

  • ISO 22301 Societal Security - Business Continuity Management System
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems
  • ISO 28000 Certification on Security Management Systems for Supply Chain
  • SS 584 Specification for Multi-tiered Cloud Computing Security
  • Verifiable Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Initiative

This means SPRING Singapore will not be accepting any more hard copy application or claims form. If your company has not used the Grant Portal before, you are required to fill up the pre-registration form. For more information on the application process, please click here and you can contact SBF if you have any query.

How can businesses in Singapore insulate themselves from the challenging economic climate?

15 February 2016

Head honchos of OCBC, SingPost, SCCCI, QOO10 and Chye Choon Group weigh in.

Credits: TODAY

White Paper on Innovating to Drive the Future of SMEs

30 September 2015

American Express is pleased to present new research that details future-proofing strategies that Chief Financial Officers are using to navigate increasingly competitive times. The research reveals how CFOs are innovating and how their roles are expanding such that it is now more apt to call them Chief Future Officers. The objective is to help you future-proof your business. Please click read more to view the white paper.