About Us

Singapore Business Federation (SBF) has been advocating adoption of business continuity management (BCM) to companies since 2007. Besides advocacy, SBF has assisted with companies' grant applications for BCM standards (SS 540, ISO 22301), enterprise resilience standards (ISO 27001, ISO 28000 and SS 584) and verifiable business continuity plan (BCP), under SPRING Singapore's Capability Development Grant Scheme.

Singapore companies are not only plugged into their partners' supply chains in the region but also supporting customer requirements

Singapore enterprises have a critical role in supporting larger companies in the region, as well as fulfilling their customers’ requirements. Being certified in enterprise resilience standards not only enables our companies to elevate their capabilities and reputation to a higher level, but also for them to compete more effectively against international companies. SBF will also work closely with their members from the trade associations and chambers as well as other industry partners to encourage business to strengthen their enterprise resilience.

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